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Quality policy

Our philosophy

The Mercedes and AMG brands and their automobiles stand for innovation, the highest quality, reliability and lasting value. In order to meet these demands relating to these brands, we want to create a corporate culture that is characterized by fair and cooperative interaction between customers, employees, management and business partners. This culture is based on the one hand on living values such as enthusiasm, appreciation, discipline and on the other hand on the professional competence of our employees. Our actions are therefore focused on increasing customer satisfaction and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Our quality policy

Continuous Improvement
Permanent and continuous improvement processes are used to determine measures to increase the quality of our products and services, the implementation of which has top priority. All organisational, commercial and technical processes are constantly checked with the aim of avoiding errors and increasing efficiency. Because in order to continue to meet the growing needs of the market in the future and to set ourselves apart from our competitors, we have to constantly develop and offer new, sophisticated products and services. We have set ourselves quantifiable quality goals to ensure this continuous improvement process.

Employees and managers
Our employees are our greatest asset. Their sense of responsibility is constantly encouraged and trained as part of our system. One of our most important tasks is to further develop the skills and know-how of our employees. We want to support this by constantly improving the working environment and by offering further training. It is the task of the managerial staff to achieve the quality goals. Through personal example, open communication and the involvement of employees in decision-making processes, the personal responsibility and quality awareness of employees should be promoted.

Management obligation
Tolerance and trusting dealings in daily interactions are among the basic beliefs of the management. The management also ensures that the quality management system can achieve its intended results. Undesirable effects are prevented as far as possible or at least reduced to a minimum. Errors in the system are systematically examined with the aim of achieving continuous improvement in the management system. Management ensures that all legal and other requirements, to which the company has committed, are met. Management undertakes to plan targeted measures to deal with opportunities and risks. She initiates the necessary activities for integration into the management system and ensures that they are implemented. The planning includes the way of evaluating the effectiveness of these measures. However, customer acquisition and long-term customer loyalty cannot be achieved through one measure or characteristic alone.

Our values

Our corporate values form the framework for sustainably anchoring our objectives in everyday life in all areas of our company:

– We understand our history and tradition as the foundation for future success.
– We are flexible, capable of learning and demand the best from ourselves every day.
– We give our customers the confirmation that they have chosen the best.

Employees and managers
– We see the motivation, commitment and loyalty of our employees as our greatest strength.
– We continuously develop the skills and know-how of our employees and support this by constantly improving the working environment and regular further training.
– We promote open communication within and across hierarchical levels.
– We involve all employees in the decision-making processes and thus promote personal responsibility and quality awareness among employees.
– We see health and safety at work as an important core task within our company in order to achieve sustainable success.

– We treat our customers, colleagues, business partners and superiors with trust, respect and fairness.
– We involve all employees of the company at all organizational levels, as this is the essential prerequisite for economic success and continuous development of the company.
– We support all employees who contribute to the realization of our quality management.

– We behave loyally and responsibly towards our companies, our colleagues and superiors.
– We are happy to be recognized, but we are also responsible for mistakes and work together on solutions.

– We accept and support decisions as soon as they are made.
– We are solution and result oriented, determined and persistent in execution.
– Recognizing, understanding, directing and directing interrelated processes as a system contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.

– We act economically and thus contribute to the success of our company in terms of job and investment security.
– With our controlled and cost-optimized processes, we contribute to increasing our profitability and improving our market position.

– We undertake to comply with all obligations, legal regulations and rules.

Environment and society
– We act sustainably and environmentally conscious.
– We contribute to sustainable social development and promote economic growth through our activities.
– We continuously preserve and protect our environment through the environmentally conscious use of all methods and materials necessary for the work process.